DriverBioPhoto CHUB

Hometown: Bear Lake, PA      
Birthday: Jan. 22, 1962
Car: No. 1*
Team: Chub Frank Racing

World of Outlaws History: Chub Frank has been a piece of the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series puzzle since its rebirth in 2004. He has entered all but two events since then, missing them only due to an injury. Frank recorded a career-high points finish in 2007 where he finished second overall and has landed among the top 10 in points since 2004. He ranks tenth on the tour’s all-time wins list with 16 victories.

“The Outlaws are the best deal going. We’ll pretty much race anywhere in the country, any time. We’re not afraid to race anybody, and that’s the Outlaw mentality.” 


Do you have any superstitions that you have to do before every race?

"No, I don’t have any superstitions. In fact, I use that against a lot of people. Back in the day some of the guys would say no peanuts and no chicken on race day, and that was their superstition, so I would throw chicken bones in their cars and peanut shells in their pits and stuff like that."

One memory from all of your years racing that sticks out to you?

“Winning the World 100 in 2004. I remember pretty much everything about it. The race and the whole deal. There’s nothing like getting out of the car and having 20 to 30,000 people screaming for you. Back then we had 230 or 240 cars there, so there was a lot of people there. There’s no other feeling like that.”


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